Cadwell Park - April 10th 2010

Quaife Intermarque Challenge incl. TVR's   and   Cannons TinTops incl. Tigers


Some re-jigging of the programme meant that the Tigers raced with the Tin Tops instead of their usual Quaife Intermarque partners. The rest of the Intermarque bunch were joined by a group of TVR's who did not have sufficient numbers for their own races.

On a very warm and sunny day the Tigers took the first six grid positions after their 25 minute qualifying session. Richard Brent headed the tin top group with his usual Peugeot 205 sporting Toyo tyres on this occasion. Andy Mitchell was the next tin top in his similar Pug.

From the rolling start Joe Tuckey and Paul Dudley headed the field as they set off around the wonderful undulations of the Lincolnshire circuit. Whilst the Tigers held sway at the front, Brent held on gamely and further back some interesting battles developed in amongst the Cannonís tin tops. Gary Chappell spent some time behind Bernie Baxter until he finally forced a way past. He then quickly closed on Mitchell but the Peugeot man held on for T3 honours. Danny Cassar, using a borrowed Proton coupe as his new Satria version was not quite ready, received an unwelcome black/orange flag so that the officials could investigate a fluid leak. When nothing serious was found, Danny rejoined, but he was obviously well out of contention. Meanwhile Tuckey motored to his first overall win in a Tiger, holding off a determined Dudley. He also took the drive of the race award.

Race two saw Dudley benefit from a slight set up change as he reversed the position with Tuckey, although Mick Grant stayed close as well until he departed on the final lap . Again Brent was the best of the tin tops but he had to up his pace as the battling duo of Mitchell and Chappell started to close in. Cassar had a better run this time as he overtook Baxter and then Nick Boon. Baxter had the honour of best prepared car whilst Boon took the driver of the race prize.

The Quaife Intermarque races both went to Steve Hall with Keith White a distant runner up. Chris Brockhurst had a good run to third in the first race but suffered a hub failure in the second encounter. Chris Ayling somehow missed the start for the first time but made a good comeback to third in the latter event, and he also took the best prepared car award. Jez Hobbs twice won class C with John Chasey as runner up. Johnís valiant chase earnt him the driver of the race prize.