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BARC South Eastern Centre

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DateVenue ClubDetails  RB. com


Win Tally
  March 25th & 26thBrands HatchTruck MeetingBARC HQCannons Tin TopsResults3rd & 3rd 
Quaife Modified SaloonsResults2nd & 2nd 
  April 8th & 9thSnetterton 300 BRSCCQuaife Modified SaloonsResults1st & 1st600 & 601
Cannons Tin TopsResults1st &1st602 & 603
  April 29th & 30thBrands Hatch MGCCQuaife Modified SaloonsResults1st &1st604 & 605
Cannons Tin TopsResults3rd & 3rd 
  May 29thBrands Hatch Morgan SCCQuaife Modified Saloons   1 Race OnlyResults 608
Cannons Tin Tops    Non Championship Pitstop RaceResults 609
  June 10th & 11thBrands HatchAmerican SpeedfestMSVRIntermarque   
  July 1stRockingham BARC HQIntermarque   
  July 29th & 30thBrands Hatch BARC HQQuaife Modified SaloonsResults1st & 1st611 & 612
Cannons Tin TopsResults1st613
  August 19th & 20thBrands Hatch MSVRQuaife Modified SaloonsResults1st & 1st616 & 617
Cannons Tin TopsResults1st & 1st618 & 619
  September 2nd & 3rdDoningtonLive TV MeetingBARC HQCannons Tin TopsResults2nd & 2nd 
  September 10thBrands Hatch GP MSVRCannons Tin Tops                Non Championship RaceResults1st620
Quaife Modified Saloons   1 Race Only 
  September 23rd & 24thBrands Hatch BARC HQCannons Tin TopsResults2nd & 2nd 
Quaife Modified SaloonsResults1st & 1st621 & 622
  November 4th & 5thBrands HatchTruck MeetingBARC HQCannons Tin TopsResults2nd & 1st623
Quaife Modified SaloonsResults1st & DNS624
  November 18th & 19thBrands Hatch BARCBARC SE Pit Stop RaceResults1st625
BARC SE Sports SaloonsResults1st626


Please Note: Some of the 2 day meetings that are listed will only be one day for the Intermarques


Maximum Grids

Brands Hatch Indy34 Rockingham38
Brands Hatch GP46 Silverstone International44
Donington40 Snetterton 20038
Mallory Park30 Snetterton 30045

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