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PositionWin Tally
 April 6th

Silverstone National

BRSCCModified Super SaloonsResults 1st & 1st645 & 646
 April 27thBrands HatchMGCCProduction Saloon Pit Stop RaceResults 1st647
 April 28thBrands HatchMGCCModified Super SaloonsResults 2nd & 2nd 
 May 6thLydden Hill BHP Day. Ford Races Report1st & 1st648 & 649
 May 26thSnettertonCMMC / BRSCCModified Super SaloonsResults 1st & 1st650 & 651
Ford Saloon Car SeriesResultsIn Car Video2nd & DNF 
 June 16thMallory ParkCMMCModified Super SaloonsResultsIn Car VideoDNF & 1st652
 August 3rd and 4thBrands Hatch GPMSVRModified Super SaloonsResults 1st & 1st653 & 654
 September 8thBrands HatchMSVRModified Super Saloons    
 September 28thBrands HatchBRSCCProduction Saloon Pit Stop Race    
 September 29th Brands HatchBRSCCModified Super Saloons    
 October 12thLydden HillCMMCModified Super Saloons    
Production Saloons    

Maximum Grids

Brands Hatch Indy34
Brands Hatch GP46
Mallory Park30
Snetterton 20038
Snetterton 30045

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