BARCsec Dunlop Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship
31st July and 1st August - Snetterton

On a rather drawn out weekend, it was good to see a healthy class A entry. Just as qualifying was about to start the heavens opened up and everyone went scurrying for wets. Through it all Rod took pole position but only just from Tim Lewis in his very rapid Alfa. The big Nissans lurked a bit further back.

From the rolling start Rod held the lead as the pack roared onto the Revitt Straight on a perfectly dry track. Lewis and Wise had a bit of a coming together, so by the end of the lap Mark Biggers was second with Darren Bly third. Bly took second on the next lap and then went for the lead. Into the Esses the yellow Nissan tried to outbrake our Ford and the Japanese car went into a lurid spin. Rod almost stopped in avoidance, which allowed Biggers to nip into the lead. Two laps later and Mark made a similar mistake at the same corner, although to be fair his car was jumping between 2 and 4 wheel drive. So now Rod was back in the lead with a reasonably comfortable margin which he held to the chequered flag. Bly recovered to take second with Biggers third. Craig Davies RS500 came home fourth.

With 5 cars non starting due to various problems, a somewhat depleted field took the second start in orderly fashion. Rod was out dragged by Darren on the run to Riches corner but he latched on for a tow down the Revitt straight. Time and again he would catch up under braking only for the big yellow car to eke out an advantage on the straight bits. The plan for a last lap lunge did not happen as our gearbox cried enough and Rod cruised home as the runner up, just over a second behind. Over 43 seconds later Biggers took third, such was the blistering pace of the leaders. Davies again took fourth from a fast closing Ray Barrow. Newcomer Dale Gent pulled off on the last lap, which was a shame as he was chasing Stratton Mackay’s similar Subaru (who won the best prepared car award).

Because Richard Brent was sadly absent, Rod took over at the top of the points chart although there is quite a bit of work to do before Brands.