Intermarque League Entries - Silverstone - June 7th 2009

The day started extremely wet and qualifying was postponed for nearly an hour. Thankfully the rain soon stopped and although the track was very wet the split session for Tigers and the rest of the intermarque worked very well. Newcomer Steve Parish (not the former motorcycle racer) took pole position with the Motorbase Porsche 911. Next to him would be Pete Reeve, who was very pleased to have his TVR running properly. Row two contained Steve Hall and Keith White whilst the quickest Tiger was Paul Dudley on the inside of row four.

The first race saw the track completely dry and the front row were soon passed by the lighter silhouettes. Reeve was hampered by a lack of slick tyres, whereas Parish was keeping out of trouble as he was looking to upgrade his licence. Despite falling back to 7th Steve did recover to third by the chequered flag. Up front Hall quickly opened up a small gap to White whilst Brockhurst and Harding battled over third. Sadly this came to an end when Harding tangled with Michael Pearceís Tiger, both cars retiring with damage. White experienced an intermittent misfire, which saw him drop back to an eventual fourth place. Mick Robertson claimed fifth, with Dudley just holding off Phil Barak in his Saxon. Mike Thurley drove impressively from 23rd to 7th earning him the driver of the race award.

Race two was without Harding, White, Kenny Coleman and Rob de Ville from the silhouette brigade, but sterling work saw Pearce on the grid in his repaired Tiger. Again Hall led away with Brockhurst giving vain chase. Parish had an incident at Copse, which saw him resume at the tail of the field. His drive back to 6th, setting the fastest lap on his way, earnt him the driver of the race award. Whilst the first two positions remained static, Robertson came under attack from Barak. In the end just half a second separated them. Thurley got past Dudley for fifth after Paul seemed to drop off the pace for a while. When he woke up he became embroiled in a scrap with Mick Grant and Stewart Fenton. After much place swapping they finished in that order. Another super dice for class C honours just went to John Chasey, by a whisker from the similar Caterham of John Britten.

Pearce won a torque wrench for his teamís efforts and he very nearly took the Tiger B class victory as well, but Ryan Slaney just held on. Class D went to David Smitherham in his Caterham, whilst poor Reeve wore out his unsuitable tyres although he does take over the class A points lead.