8th March - Brands Hatch BRSCC Quiz Night

We did it!

Congratulations to our team who finally toppled the "judges", (this time entered as "the bench"). It was a close run thing, but playing our joker on the round where we scored a maximum (International Racing) certainly helped. Our secret weapon was Shawn who had swatted up on the usual obscure questions that Mr Tillet asks. Howard had the answers to the football questions, Cheryl's geography is better than mine and Graham Richardson certainly knew his songs even though he got the author question wrong. Our final score was 57.5 (out of a possible 70).

I think the BMMC (marshals team, which included Chris and Amanda) finished forth, in front of the Lydden Hillbillies (alias SEMSEC).

It was a good night and well done to everyone involved.