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Rods C.V
Driver Profile



PositionWin Tally
March 20thSilverstone Int.BRSCCCMMC Super Saloons and TinTops Race 1 DNF & DNS 
April 9th/10thBrands HatchBRSCCModified Ford SeriesResults 2nd & 2nd 
April 16th/17thBrands HatchBARC

CTCRC Classic Thunder Saloons

Results NC & 2nd 
April 24thThruxtonCSCCSpecial SaloonsResults 1st & 1st703 & 704
May 21stMallory ParkCMMCSuper SaloonsResults DNF & DNS 
May 28th/29thBrands Hatch GPMSVRDutch YoungtimerResults DNS & 3rd 
June 3rd/4thBrands HatchCSCCSpecial SaloonsResults DNF & DNS 
June 26thBrands HatchBRSCCSuper SaloonsResults DNF & DNS 
July 23rdLyddenLHMCSuper SaloonsResults DNS & DNS 
July 23rdLyddenLHMCELMS V8 Series  3rd & 4th 
August 13thBrands Hatch GPMSVRSuper SaloonsResults 2nd & 1st 
August 13thBrands Hatch GPMSVRCTCRC Pre 2003 SaloonsResults 1st & 1st705 & 706
August 20thBrands HatchBRSCCCMMC Southern Tin TopsResults 1st707
October 15th/16thSnettertonBRSCCCMMC Super Saloons and TinTopsResults DNF & DNS 
October 22nd/23rdBrands HatchBRSCCModified Ford SeriesResults 2nd & 1st708 & 709
November 12thBrands HatchBARCCMMC Super Saloons and TinTopsResults 1st & 1st710 & 711

Maximum Grids

Brands Hatch Indy34
Brands Hatch GP46
Lydden Hill24
Mallory Park30
Silverstone National40
Snetterton 20038
Snetterton 30045

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